The Fourth Sex…

It´s acknowledged that men like to admire women. But, more and more, it seems to me, that they like to admire themselves almost as much. Having a shave or mowing your nasal hair is one thing, but things seem to be getting out of hand…

I watched a programme last night called, “What Happens in Kavos”. It didn´t disappoint in terms of the hoped-for naughty nubiles – there were lovely bronzed bouncing buns and bikini busting bosoms aplenty. However, well-satisfied as I was with the smut and the moral degradation, what I couldn´t tolerate were the revelations of male vanity. OK, I know some men pluck their eyebrows  – I take a dim view, but ok, it happens: chest shaving – it isn´t new: one does need a trim downstairs if one´s not to look like something out of National Geographic. Fair enough, I suppose… But, shaving your armpits? What next, sitting down for a pee? 

Now, if I were an urban yoot, I´d probably aver, “that´s soooo gay!” But you know what? It isn´t. These guys haven´t got that excuse… I don´t mind a gay gentleman plucking his eyebrows or bleaching his bumhole. I mean, that´s their schtick, that´s their MO. But for young men who purport to like beer, birds and ballgames? What´s going on…?

I guess these guys would be called ´metrosexual´, and if our gay chums and chumettes are the Third Sex, these guys must be the Fourth. What amazes me is that women tolerate men who are more high maintenance and effeminate than they are. I just can’t believe that primping, prancing and peacocking is actually attractive to women. I just want to say to these big jessies, either embrace homosexuality, or get yourself some Ernest Hemingway, polish some shoes, hit a spider with a slipper, and just try to be a man. But, for pity´s sake, don´t shave your armpits!

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