BBC Stick Camera Up Own Fundiment…

March 17th 2013

The Beeb is being more than usually aggravating today – if it’s not Fiona bloody Bruce simpering her way through The Antiques Roadshow like some faux ingenue ironing board, the BBC News at Ten spends about five minutes inhaling its own farts like the Bisto Kid. I couldn’t give a flying f*** if TV Centre is closing down – and what’s with the images of the Falklands and the Iranian Embassy siege? It didn’t actually happen IN the newsroom. That was ‘real’ life. You know – beyond the BBC…?

Just because an institution is high on its own nostalgia, doesn’t mean everyone else is… Last time I was on the tube, the driver didn’t come through the carriage showing everyone pictures of the London Transport Christmas party circa 1976, so how come the BBC can’t distinguish between corporate sentimentality and its own professional remit…? Rather than wasting time having to watch the BBC picking pink fluff out its own navel, we could have had three minutes of extra news – you know, what with it being a programme called, ‘The News’ an’ all…

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