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Better out than in…?

Better out than in…?. Advertisements

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Better out than in…?

My Grandad used to burp a lot at the dinner table. He did it in quite ostentatious and unabashed fashion, rather like a town crier declaring some urgent news.  He performed with full-throated vibrato and legato. It was a ribald coda to many a … Continue reading

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The Mother of All Battles…

It’s 17.00 on the eve of Mothers’ Day. The Garage Forecourt Flower Index is in steep decline, and many of the remaining blooms are battered and bruised – a conspicuous omen for the perceptive gentleman, and for new fathers in particular… … Continue reading

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Club Class…

I had a dream last night. It was one of those blissful ones, where you feel infused with consummate inner contentment and don’t want to wake up. No, not that sort of dream… I was on a fat wage and … Continue reading

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Here’s one I made earlier…

Having heard about Mrs Disappointed’s agonies trying to track down our daughter’s latest Christmas list, I was musing on what we’re going to do with the ton of pink mermaids, purple ponies and capacious doll’s houses that have already been … Continue reading

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Agent Bodie…

Yesterday it was, “Lewis who?” Today, after years of obscurity, he’s the most celebrated actor in Britain. Only trouble is, he’s dead. Life’s cruel isn’t it…? Rest in Peace, Lewis Collins…

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Lewis Collins: Ci5, SAS, RIP…


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